Contemporary & Modern Desks

A functional office desk is foundational to any workspace and is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can add to your home office. An investment in your comfort and productivity, the right office desk will help you minimize clutter and contribute to a welcoming and motivational design scheme.

At Herman Miller, shop office desks and computer tables to suit a wide range of office sizes, working styles, and aesthetic preferences.

How to Choose a Desk

Start with the dimensions.

The most important factor to consider when choosing an office desk is size. The best desk for your space will be large enough to hold your office setup with room to spare, but not so large that it overwhelms your space or makes it difficult to maneuver around your office.

Width and depth are the most variable desk dimensions. These will help you determine the ideal desk size for your space. Desks usually range in width from approximately 30” to more than 80”, and range in depth from approximately 18” to more than 30”. Choose a desk that’s large enough to hold all your work equipment with room to spare. If you work on a laptop or work from a small office, consider a small desk with storage, such as a narrow, shallow console table or ladder desk. If you use multiple monitors, collaborate frequently, or work with numerous documents simultaneously, opt for a large desk or computer table that maximizes surface space.

Standard height is 24”, but desks are not always one-size-fits-all. If you want to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday, a height-adjustable desk will afford you the most freedom of movement.

Consider storage components.

A cluttered office can inhibit productivity. The key to mitigating clutter is to choose an office desk with adequate built-in storage for the items you use on a regular basis, so that your essentials are close at hand but not in the way. Office desks with drawers are some of the most useful desks with storage. Further enhance your organization with drawer dividers and trays. Cabinets are ideal for large items and equipment, such as file boxes, a scanner, or a printer. If you’d prefer to keep decorative items on display, consider a desk with a hutch or built-in shelving, such as a ladder desk. Finally, look for desks with keyboard trays and cable management portals that can help you keep wires in order.

Finish with visual appeal.

In a private workspace or home office, the visual appeal of your desk can contribute to the overall design scheme of your space. Don’t sacrifice style for function. A stylish modern desk can serve your work purposes while also appealing to you aesthetically. If you’re looking for a minimalist option, consider a contemporary or modern office desk with sleek, tapered legs and a natural wood or colorful powder-coated finish. In a home library or study that leans traditional, opt for an ornate, traditional wooden desk that can contribute to a room’s design scheme. For a cohesive look, shop for office desks that incorporate materials and finishes featured elsewhere in your office. Or add contrast to your space with an office desk in a unique material.