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Defined by their poise and industry-leading comfort, modern office chairs and office stools from Herman Miller offer wellness benefits. Here, browse the best office chairs, including executive office chairs and leather office chairs that prioritize wellness.

Office Stools
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Office Stools & Drafting Chairs

Office stools and drafting chairs are designed to accommodate a wide range of movement, making these types of seats ideal for creative workspaces. Many office stools and drafting chairs feature foot supports, usually in the form of rungs or rings, that allow the sitter to support themselves while they lean forward to perform detail-oriented work or reach laterally for supplies. At Herman Miller, there are three primary types of office stools to choose from: desk stools, counter-height office stools, and drafting chairs.

Desk Stools

The most simple type of office stool is armless and backless, with a seat height range of 16 to 26 inches, appropriate for standard office desks. These stools, also called desk stools, often have three or four fixed legs or a pedestal base. Many three- or four-legged desk stools are equipped with footrests to enable a wide range of movement. These office stools are well-suited to creative or collaborative work that requires one to pivot frequently or reach laterally. Some desk stools may be rolling stool chairs, with casters to enable greater mobility. Other desk stool features include a swivel seat or height adjustment mechanism.

Herman Miller desk stools range from modest to sophisticated in design. For a dependable, durable seat that won’t inhibit upper body movement, consider the Magis Deja-vu Stool, a simple, four-legged desk stool with a footrest for added support. If you’re looking for a seat with adjustability, choose the Magis Tom & Jerry Stool, a height-adjustable tripod stool. For visual impact, choose the sculptural Capelli Stool or the versatile Eames Walnut Stool, a solid wood pedestal that can function as a stool or side table.

Bar- & Counter-Height Office Stools

Herman Miller also offers a range of bar- and counter-height office stools. These are typically armless, with a seatback and four fixed legs. Because they’re taller than standard desk stools, these office stools are ideal for bar- or counter-height desks or standing office desks. Many designs feature footrests to help ease pressure on the backs of thighs and increase comfort for long periods of sitting. Despite their simple silhouettes, these types of office stools still provide a level of ergonomic support – many have molded seats and backs that contour the body’s natural curves to help cradle the spine.

Office stools in the Eames Molded series, including the Eames Molded Plastic Stool, Eames Molded Fiberglass Stool, and Eames Molded Plywood Stool, exemplify office-appropriate stools. Available in both bar- and counter-height versions, these sophisticated yet functional office stools are ideal for collaborative office areas, common spaces, and standing desks alike.

Drafting Chairs

Drafting chairs, also called drafting stools, are some of the most comfortable office stools available. In many ways, drafting chairs resemble ergonomic office chairs – they’re designed to provide comfort and support over long hours. They often feature contoured backs that support the spine, adjustable armrests, breathable materials, and more ergonomic features.

Some ergonomic drafting chairs are nearly indistinguishable from performance office seats with the exception of two key details: base height and footrests. Because drafting chairs are made for creative work at counters or drafting tables, they’re taller than the average office chair. Drafting chairs are usually designed with a height-adjustable base that elevates the seat from approximately 24 inches to 30 inches high. Footrests enable the sitter to support their feet and maintain balance while leaning over a tabletop.

At Herman Miller, discover the ergonomic comfort of the Aeron Stool, Mirra 2 Stool, Sayl Stool, Caper Multipurpose Stool, Setu Stool, and Cosm Stool. These stools offer the unparalleled ergonomic benefits of their office chair counterparts – but with the overall height and foot support of office stools.

How to Choose the Right Office Stool

Your workstation and work style will impact which of Herman Miller’s three office stool styles is best for you.

A desk stool is the best choice for:

  • Standard-height or adjustable-height desks
  • Collaborative office spaces
  • Short-term work
  • Salons and studios

  • A bar- or counter-height stool is ideal for:

  • Bar- or counter-height tables or desks
  • Shared office spaces
  • Creative workstations

  • An ergonomic drafting chair is optimal for:

  • A wide range of desk heights, including sit-to-stand desks
  • Drafting tables
  • Long-term work
  • Creative (and other) workstations

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