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Home Office Lighting

Lighting is an oft-overlooked feature of professional office spaces. Uniformly lit overhead by bright LED or fluorescent ceiling lights, many professional offices provide employees with bright, consistent lighting. Home office lighting can be less reliable. Because home offices may not come equipped with recessed ceiling lights, it’s up to you to choose the best home office light fixtures for your work style.

The right office lighting for your work-from-home setup – be it a floor lamp, desk lamp, or table lamp – can improve your focus, accuracy, and mood, cut down on eye strain, and ensure you can still do your best work when natural light is low or unavailable. Shop Herman Miller for home office lighting to suit all your needs.

Home Office Lighting Types

The key to choosing the best office lighting for your work-from-home space is understanding the types of home office light fixtures available. At Herman Miller, there are three types of home office light fixtures to choose from: floor lamps, table lamps, and desk lamps.

As their name suggests, floor lamps are light fixtures that stand on the floor. Compared to desk and table lamps, office floor lamps are typically much taller and able to act as sources of overhead lighting where ceiling light fixtures are not present. Some home office floor lamps provide soft ambient lighting, which gently illuminates an entire space, while other office floor lamps emit task lighting, which is concentrated light directed at specific areas for task purposes.

If you find yourself working long hours on focused tasks, task floor lamps might be ideal; if you’d prefer a light source that is soft and mood-lifting, opt for an ambient floor lamp that diffuses its light output.

Desk lamps and table lamps are similar, with one key difference: the type of lighting they emit. Table lamps are meant to provide ambient lighting, while desk lamps are generally used to illuminate focused work stations. Table lamps tend to be designed for aesthetics, using materials like glass and paper to soften the light they put out. Desk lamps typically have conical shades (almost like spotlights) that can focus light in a directed beam at a specific spot. Swing-arm desk lamps also have movable arms to make their light direction even more adjustable.

Artists, writers, and other creatives might favor LED desk lamps that can illuminate their work station (without emitting heat), while those who work with computers might prefer table lamps that can minimize glare on their computer screens and reduce the harshness of their devices’ own light.

Home Office Lighting From Herman Miller

At Herman Miller, shop modern floor lamps, modern table lamps, and modern desk lamps that can illuminate your workspace with sophisticated flair.

For serene ambient lighting, shop paper floor lamps and table lamps from the Nelson Lamp series, including the Nelson Ball Lamps, Cigar Lamps, and Pear Lamps. Similar sources of ambient lighting include the IC Floor Lamp and Table Lamps as well as the Tip of the Tongue Table Lamp, all of which employ delicate glass globes that give off a soft, calming glow.

The HAY Matin Table Lamp and Ode Desk Lamp can also provide attractive ambient lighting that is slightly more directed than the other ambient alternatives – their downturned shades can illuminate a desk or workstation without introducing too much glare. For a similar overhead effect, choose the Ode Floor Lamp. For a cordless desk lamp, opt for the PC Portable Lamp, a sweet little touch-controlled LED lamp with a 10-hour battery life. To browse more modern office lighting options, shop all Herman Miller lighting.

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