Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps
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Modern Floor Lamps

A prominent feature of living rooms, bedrooms, and offices alike, floor lamps are essential light fixtures that can produce ambient lighting or task lighting. These tall, freestanding lamps don’t require hardwiring, and they can be placed anywhere with a suitable electrical outlet. It’s no surprise that floor lamps are some of the most popular light fixtures for large spaces.

Floor lamps are choice alternatives to overhead lighting, as their ambient light is often softer than that of ceiling lights. The key feature that enables a floor lamp to produce warm, gentle light is its lampshade. Often made of fabric, paper, or frosted glass, modern floor lamp shades diffuse and soften the light emitted by the lamp.

Floor lamp shades crafted of reflective or opaque materials, such as metal, offer directional lighting ideal for reading, working, or playing tabletop games. Floor lamps are a smart choice for illuminating task-oriented nooks. At Herman Miller, discover a curated collection of modern floor lamps for every room. For more options, shop all lighting at Herman Miller.