Herman Miller Office Chairs

For short stints at your desk or long workdays, a high-quality office chair is critical to your productivity and well-being. In fact, the right desk chair plays a pivotal role in enhancing your wellness while at work. Comfort – or lack thereof – can have a profound effect on productivity, especially as the hours tick by. The best office chairs are designed to accommodate the nuanced needs of the human body, with features that relieve unwanted pressure, provide crucial lumbar support, regulate temperature, and more.

Herman Miller office chairs are innovative, bringing a deep knowledge of human-centered design to the fore. Some ergonomic chairs, most notably the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, are among the best ergonomic office chairs, featuring cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art adjustability to accommodate a wide range of body types. At Herman Miller, shop bestselling office chairs for your workspace, including ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs, and drafting stools.

How to Choose an Office Chair

Put your body first.

The best ergonomic office chair should feature a human-centered design, but if that design doesn’t cater to your body’s unique needs, some of those benefits may be lost. To get the most out of your chair, choose a computer chair suited to your body’s dimensions. Essential metrics to consider include seat depth, seat width, seat height, and weight capacity. Many office chairs, including the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, are available in multiple sizes to accommodate a diverse range of body types. Further, many ergonomic chairs have adjustable features that broaden their size inclusivity, such as height-adjustable and depth-adjustable seats, adjustable tilt, and adjustable armrests.

Prioritize ergonomic features.

Choose a chair with ergonomic features that support your body. Mitigate discomfort with an office chair with lumbar support or choose an office chair that offers total spinal support by helping stabilize the base of the spine. Working posture is not static, so look for responsive support features, such as responsive tilt and suspension seat backs, which enable an office chair to accommodate the body’s natural shifts in movement. Herman Miller’s ergonomic, adjustable office chairs are designed to last – and can easily adapt to provide the support your body needs even as it changes over time.

Consider your environment and use cases.

Your office space and work style can help inform the type of chair that’s best for you. In active or collaborative spaces, prioritize mobility and choose a rolling swivel chair with casters designed to protect your office floors. If you work in a creative environment where it may be helpful to have an improved vantage point over your workstation, consider a drafting stool or height-adjustable chair. If you anticipate hosting or attending frequent in-person or virtual meetings, consider an elegant leather or executive office chair. For a sturdy place to sit and rest briefly between standing work sessions, a simple desk stool may be all you need.