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Enchord Desk

Designer: Industrial Facility

Enchord Desk is no longer available for purchase.

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    Enchord Desk

    Low Complexity, Affordable Cost

    Simple: A primary surface that acts as the “desktop,” where you do your work, and an adjustable secondary surface beneath it.

    Utilize the secondary surface underneath to store your laptop or iPad, cords and cables, and papers or projects out of sight when you have to pick up the kids or sit down to dinner.

    Match it up with the Enchord mobile cabinet for a complete home office solution that’s comprehensive, good looking, and nicely priced.

    Industrial Facility

    "We were inspired to design a table that was functional and flexible to match people's lives."

    Industrial Facility View Design Story
    • Two Tabletops? What For?

      Two Tabletops? What For?

      To provide the most function with the least complexity. The lower surface can be placed on the right or left to create an 11- or 12-inch surface that might hold files, a printer, or a craft project. Center it to create a 5-inch surface on either side to hold your phone, daily organizer, cup of coffee.

    • No Front, No Back

      No Front, No Back

      Because the desk has no defined front or back, you can put it where you want it, then move it when you want it somewhere else. You can sit at either side. Totally flexible.

    • Add Movable Storage

      Add Movable Storage

      The matching Enchord mobile cabinet rolls on sturdy casters to where you need it—or to where it’s out of the way when you’re not working.

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