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Eames Chaise

Designers: Charles and Ray Eames
Relax for a spell on the Eames chaise. The gentle slopes of the frame elevate your legs and head for a healthful and relaxing recline.

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Eames Chaise

Don’t Get Caught Napping

Quick naps are good for you, especially in our sleep-deprived society. Lack of a good night's sleep leads to those late afternoon slumps, and a brief nap can be very refreshing.

The chaise is just 18 inches wide. When you lie on it, you naturally fold your arms over your chest. At some point, not too long after you doze off, your arms will fall to your sides, waking you up. So you'll never get caught napping.

Charles and Ray Eames

Sleeping on sawhorses.

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  • Sleek Sophistication

    Sleek Sophistication

    With its lithe silhouette and sculptural frame and base, the Eames chaise looks as good as it feels. You can have it in any of three combinations: white leather on white frame, black leather on graphite frame, or black leather on eggplant frame.

  • Artful Comfort

    Artful Comfort

    A work of art that's also a comfort. Six 2.5-inch-thick foam cushions and two additional loose cushions give added support to your neck, knees, back, or feet. The gently sloping frame puts the body in a healthful, relaxed position, with the head and legs slightly raised.

  • Durable Strength

    Durable Strength

    The die-cast aluminum frame and base are stable and strong. A scratch-resistant, eggplant-colored nylon coating applied electrostatically to the aluminum resists scratching. The cushions are joined by flexible zippers and secured to nylon fabric slung tightly on the frame.

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