American Ingenuity and the Aeron Chair

Seventeen seconds ago, another Herman Miller Aeron Chair was finished and boxed. Slightly different than the one built just before it—its owner had requested a polished aluminum base, as well as black leather armpads—it still boasted the same pioneering design by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, met the same gold standard of Herman Miller quality, and will soon be on its way to a new home.

Like its predecessor seconds earlier and all the Aerons that will come in the minutes, days, and years after it, our top-rated office chair is custom-built for each order right in our manufacturing facilities in Michigan. This unique construction process is one we've continued to refine using ideas and input from our US-based employees since the day the first chair hit the lines in 1994.

It's an efficient, elegant, and unmistakably all-American solution to smarter manufacturing—and smarter office seating that makes it to your door in a flash (most models ship in just five business days). View the video at right to see how Aeron and other office chairs are made every day in the USA at Herman Miller.

Video courtesy of Drew Anthony Smith and FastCompany

American-Made Aeron

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