Sky Ting Interview

Regaining Balance

Krissy: When I’m struggling to get grounded, I sit still and imagine an anchor being dropped from my pelvis down to the center of the earth. And if that doesn’t work, I’m a huge fan of taking long salt baths.

Chloe: Getting back into my body is what has helped me stay sane through all of last year and the start of 2021. There are days when I’d rather lay in bed and doom scroll and cry, but then I get myself on a yoga mat to just move and breathe, and I always feel more like myself. Even something as simple as a short moment of shaking, jumping, or dancing around to a song that brings me joy can put me in a better headspace. Forward folds, rounded plough, hip openers, and gentle pranayama (breathwork) are immensely helpful for me.

Building A Healthier WFH Routine

Krissy: I am dedicated to my morning yoga and meditation routine. I love starting my day with coffee and Sky Ting TV, our video channel. I often do just 20 minutes—nothing crazy. I’m also a fan of getting outside once in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Taking a five-minute walk helps my eyes recharge during long Zoom days.

Chloe: I have a few tricks to help me stay present and healthy while working from home. I drink a lot of water, and I love doing our short Sky Ting classes, which consist of quick 10-15 minute flows, to unstick my body and give me a little respite from typing on a computer. I also highly recommend getting outside at least once. Stick to simple things that are accomplishable in your daily routine to create longstanding healthy habits!

Renew Sit-To-Stand Desk

Chloe: At Sky Ting we’ve always taken an approach of minimalism mixed with a splash of levity. Hidden among the plants are a few stuffed animals—including a giraffe, two flamingos, and three pandas—which are unexpected, and make you smile when you see them tucked into the foliage. In my personal home I love decorating with a mix of classic design pieces and treasures from travels. Similar to Sky Ting there is a simplicity to how I arrange my home, mixed with the richness of objects that remind me of my loved ones and adventures.

Pivoting To An Online Yoga Practice

Krissy: We were lucky that we launched Sky Ting TV in November 2019, before the madness. We are learning as we go and making changes constantly. We were surprised to find that most people crave shorter 30-minute classes—even our regular students who used to do 75-minute classes in person. I think screen fatigue is real, and shorter classes are more accessible when we’re all at home.

Chloe: Sky Ting TV was still a work in progress in early 2020. Quarantine threw us in the deep end having to pivot to only online, and very quickly having to transform, update, and support Sky Ting TV full heartedly. Perhaps most surprising is how much creativity has come out of making work at home on our own—letting our videos be more personal, more fun, and less perfect. And, of course, Sky Ting would be nothing without the continued support from our amazing community of students, teachers, and staff who continue to inspire and push us forward in the work we do.

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