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Gaming Bundles
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Gaming Chair & Gaming Desk Bundles

Looking for a top-of-the-line gaming setup? A gaming bundle might be the solution for you. A gaming bundle is a one-stop shop gaming setup that can include a gaming chair, gaming desk, and various gaming accessories, from monitor arms and mounts to gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and more. Gaming bundles take the guesswork out of curating the ideal console or PC gaming setup. These bundles often package gaming chairs and gaming desks with complementary specifications, materials, and design cues that make them both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. At Herman Miller, shop curated gaming chair and gaming desk bundles that integrate innovative ergonomic features with sleek silhouettes.

Herman Miller Gaming Bundles

Herman Miller’s selection of gaming bundles includes three cutting-edge collections, each featuring the Motia Sit-to-Stand Gaming Desk and Ollin Monitor Arm, as well as a gaming chair that epitomizes ergonomic, human-centered design. With a matte black surface that’s anti-glare and smudge-proof, the Motia standing gaming desk allows you to fine-tune your ideal gaming position. The Ollin Gaming Monitor Arm, like the Motia Gaming Desk, offers you precise control over the position of your screen and allows you to further customize your ideal computer gaming setup.

Each Herman Miller gaming bundle features a different, ergonomic gaming chair, including the Aeron Gaming Chair, Embody Gaming Chair, and Sayl Gaming Chair. For ultimate adjustability and health-centered design, opt for the renowned Aeron Gaming Bundle, centered on the inclusive and adjustable Aeron Chair. For effortless sitting during long gaming sessions, choose the Embody Gaming Bundle, featuring the adaptable and endlessly fine-tunable Embody Chair. For a gaming chair with an elastomeric back and Harmonic Tilt that enables it to breathe and move in tandem with you, go with the Sayl Gaming Bundle. Or, to further customize your gaming setup, shop individual gaming chairs and gaming desks from Herman Miller.