Affiliate Program


What is the Herman Miller Affiliate Program?


The Herman Miller Affiliate Program is a referral program through which we partner with people like you to share our great designs and help you earn money while doing it. As a Herman Miller Partner, you earn a percentage of every order referred by your site.


Why should I become a Herman Miller Partner?

Becoming an authorized partner gives you access to unique promotions and content directly from Herman Miller. Plus, competitive commission fees eliminate your having to worry about counting pennies or slowly growing your revenue. It’s a win-win!


Who qualifies for the Affiliate Program?


Herman Miller is open to partnerships of all sizes. Anyone may submit an application for the Affiliate Program. However, we reserve the right to refuse a site if it contains content that we find objectionable, including explicit language, violence, or sexually explicit material.


Is the Affiliate Program free to join?


Yes, there are no costs associated with joining the program.


How do I get started?


If you do not have an account with Commission Junction, click here to start the process. Once your application is approved, simply follow the instructions for creating links and posting content or a banner on your site. This portal will host everything you need as a Herman Miller Partner.


How will my referrals be tracked?


Herman Miller has teamed up with Commission Junction to provide our partners with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and commission check disbursement. Once you sign up for our program, you’ll be taken to Commission Junction, where you’ll create your own secure account. You can monitor your success 24 hours a day via the Commission Junction portal.


When will I be paid?


Payments are made once the minimum threshold for the payment method (Check or Direct Deposit) has been met. You can find the exact threshold in your terms on your Commission Junction account.


How will Herman Miller know how much traffic my site is generating?


Your website identification number is unique to each of the sites you have added to your Commission Junction Account Manager. When you apply a link to each of your sites, the identification number is required in your link code. This gives you easy visibility within the Commission Junction portal as to which of your sites are generating commissionable traffic.


How do I add the promotional links to my website?


Once you’ve been approved to join the Herman Miller Affiliate program through Commission Junction, you’ll find your link within the Account Manager. The search tool within the portal provides a variety of filters to help you search for links or products.


Can I change the graphics provided by Herman Miller?


No, Herman Miller has created graphics that represent our aesthetic in a consistent fashion. Publishers may not alter the look, feel, or functionality of the banners, buttons, or links provided. Any improper usage of our brand name, logo, or trademark could result in termination of agreements and may affect tracking and payment.


Can I get a data feed of Herman Miller products or categories from you?


Yes, a data feed is located within your publisher account.


Can I join if I’m based outside the United States?


We’re not currently accepting partners outside the U.S., but keep an eye out as we expand our program to other regions.


Didn’t find your question above?

Please email the Commission Junction support team at for assistance.