In-Home Delivery Guidelines

Prepare for your in-home delivery

If you’ve selected In-Home Delivery, your new purchase will be delivered inside your home. To help our delivery team, please complete the following steps before they arrive.

  1. Determine where to place your new furniture.

    It’s important to decide ahead of time where your new furniture will be placed. If you’re having trouble planning where to situate pieces in your home, take advantage of our free 3-D Room Planner to see how they’ll fit. It’s easy to input your existing floor plan and experiment with furniture placement.

  2. Measure once, then measure again to be sure.

    Once you’ve decided where you’d like your new furniture to go, consider the best route for delivery through your home. Try to choose the easiest path from the point of entry to the intended room, with minimal turns, obstacles, hallways and stairs. Carefully measure the following dimensions to make sure your doorways and other passages offer sufficient clearance for your new furniture.

    • Exterior doorway: Height, width and distance from opposite wall.
    • Staircases: If delivery is to a room on another floor, measure staircase width (including the width at any turns or curves) and distance from opposite wall upstairs or downstairs.
    • Elevators: If you live in an apartment with access to an elevator, please measure the elevator door opening, interior height and distance from opposite wall.

    Please note: When measuring your interior spaces and passageways, it may also be helpful to consider the dimensions of the package you’ll be receiving. If you have any concerns about clearance issues, please contact Customer Service at 888 798 0202.

  3. Clear the indoor delivery path.

    • Pets: Please sequester pets in another room.
    • Lighting fixtures: Make sure there’s adequate clearance below low-hanging and wall-mounted light fixtures.
    • Wall decor: Particularly if your home has narrow passageways, remove artwork and other hanging objects.
    • Area rugs: Be sure to secure or remove small rugs, runners and other potentially slippery floor coverings.
    • Doors: Remove doors if necessary.
    • Service elevators: If you live in an apartment with access to a service elevator, remember to reserve it if necessary.
  4. Provide access from outside.

    For the safety of our delivery team, please be sure to remove any obstacles from your driveway and walkways prior to their arrival. During winter months, your driveway and walkways should be cleared of snow and ice.