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Wireframe Sofa

Designers: Sam Hecht and Kim Colin
Casual yet sophisticated, contemporary with a sense of longevity, the Wireframe Sofa is a design that reflects how we live today. Lightweight and versatile, it shifts with ease to meet the continually evolving needs of a space, and the people who work and relax in it.

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Wireframe Sofa

Welcoming Contrasts

Visually speaking of softness and volume contained within a formal frame, the Wireframe Sofa exemplifies a recurring theme for Sam Hecht and Kim Colin: contrasting tension. The design's external structure is shaped from steel wire—a material long used in classic Herman Miller designs for its strength and durability. Held within the frame are contoured cushions, which find added comfort from a suspension technology first developed by Herman Miller for the healthcare industry. Lumbar and throw pillows complete the offering.

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

"It has to be comfortable, not just to the eye but also
to the body and the hand and the way you sit in it"

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  • Soft Volume

    Soft Volume

    The sofa's soft, contoured cushions communicate comfort. The separation of upholstery and structure allows for easy maintenance and cleaning—and for longevity. Each cushion may be simply changed, without having to completely reupholster an entire sofa. Since cushions and frame can be separated, the Wireframe is remarkably easy to fit through smaller doors.

  • Formal Frame

    Formal Frame

    Wireframe's structure is external rather than internal—a durable, welded frame produced in steel rod. It's an efficient way to create large, rigid structures that are also lightweight, as Charles and Ray Eames proved in their designs. Indeed, the Wireframe's structure is about half the weight of a typical sofa, making moving and transporting it easy.

  • Super-Seat Comfort

    Super-Seat Comfort

    The use of Super-Seat suspension technology provides more comfort, softness, and support across the length of the structure. The technology, first developed by Herman Miller for healthcare use, evenly distributes pressure regardless of how you're seated.

  • Material Choice

    Material Choice

    Wireframe can be upholstered in a wide range of textiles and leathers. Frame colors include white or black.

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