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Nelson Platform Bench Cushion

Designer: George Nelson
Want to give your Nelson Platform Bench added appeal? This handsome cushion made specifically for the Nelson Platform Bench will do the trick. Available in a selection of upholsteries including leather.

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Nelson Platform Bench

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Nelson Platform Bench Cushion

A Soft Place to Land

George Nelson designed the first version of his Platform Bench to discourage visitors to his New York office from staying too long. He figured that having to sit on a slatted bench would be uncomfortable enough to drive people he didn't want to see away.

It didn't work. People liked the bench, and they stayed.

But if you want to make sure people sit on your Nelson Platform Bench, this handsome cushion will do the trick.

  • Designed for Fit and Comfort

    Designed for Fit and Comfort

    The Platform Bench Cushion is available in two widths—24 and 36 inches. It attaches to the bench with Velcro® fasteners attached to straps that fit around the bench slats.

    The cushion is made of a single piece of polyurethane foam, for superior comfort and durability.

  • Freestanding and Flexible

    Color and Fabric Choices

    Sit pretty. Customize your bench with color and expertly sourced fabrics to add depth and texture to your Nelson Platform Bench.

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