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Capelli Stool

Designer: Carol Catalano
A deceptively simple, sculptural structure that’s pleasant to sit on and beautiful to look at.

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A Better Stool

A Better Stool

The Capelli stool is just two identical pieces of molded plywood, each with undulating, interlocking fingers at the top. That's it. No screws, no nails.

It's an ingeniously stable and graceful piece of furniture that comes apart quickly into two pieces easy to store or move. To assemble, you just fit the plywood "fingers" together. No tools or fasteners required. Then sit down. It's sturdy enough to hold you.

Carol Catalano

"This is the church, this is the steeple..."

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  • Nothing More Than is Needed

    Nothing More Than is Needed

    Two molded plywood pieces lock together to form the Capelli stool. The surfaces between the fingers at the top of each piece meet and become stops that hold each half of the stool firmly in place.

    Composed of 11 alternating dark- and light-stained hardwood inner plies and light ash veneer, the stool is 17 inches high.

  • Simply Flexible

    Simply Flexible

    You can unfold the stool into its two halves, which can be stacked together for easy storage. To reassemble the stool, just fit the fingers together. No tools, no fasteners, no trouble.

IDSA Silver award

International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Asahikawa, Japan, Silver Prize

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