Light Concepts

Light Concepts

There's nothing quite like lighting to bring vitality to interiors.

Mixing in new lamps changes a space more dramatically than adding practically any other functional accessory. So whether you need to brighten up a living room or mellow out a bedroom, make a small room feel spacious or a big room feel cozy, carefully selected lighting can be the answer.

For example, a ceiling-mounted pendant from the George Nelson designed Bubble Lamp Series can fill a room with a soft glow while adding visual interest.

Floor lamps from the Nelson Bubble Lamp Series or the Ode Lamp family work in a variety of interiors to combat dark corners, making rooms feel more open.

For desks, study areas, end tables, or nightstands, consider desk or table lamps from either collection, which can provide supplemental illumination for working or reading while offering personal control over the quality of light in a space.

Light Concepts

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