Choosing a Home Office Chair

In choosing a chair for your home office, consider how long you sit. Say you sit at your home desk and you're on the phone or in front of the computer for hours at a time. That kind of focus can make you hold your body still, and that's bad for you.

Move while you sit
Moving—and an ergonomic office chair that encourages it—helps keep blood and oxygen flowing. Embody, Aeron, Mirra, and SAYL chairs all let you move while giving you the support your body needs. Their adjustments give you the added advantage of fine-tuning the fit throughout the day.

Options for support
No matter how long you sit, your back requires support that's right for you. Our adjustable lumbar support, for example, helps maintain the natural curve of your spine, which keeps nourishment flowing to the discs in your spine. PostureFit is an advanced option that works with the body's biomechanics to support the natural forward tilt of the pelvis. This maintains the alignment of your spine for a healthier posture and improved lower back comfort.

As with anything as personal as an office chair, how long you sit is only one factor to consider. Because we've studied for over 60 years how people sit and use that knowledge to design our office chairs, any choice you make will be good for you.

Choosing a Home Office Chair

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