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Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair


Herman Miller X Logitech G



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    The Embody Gaming Chair from Herman Miller and Logitech G features science-backed ergonomics that will keep you comfortable and cool.

    Herman Miller X Logitech G | 1:18

    Our most-researched chair enhanced specifically for gamers


    Uniquely supports your spine, no matter how you like to sit


    Keeps you cool with new cooling foam technology in the seat


    Reduces pressure buildup and encourages healthy movement


    Features cushioned, fully adjustable arms that are easy to move



    Embody was originally designed with the input of more than 30 physicians and PhDs in biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics. Now, we've researched how gamers sit and enhanced the original design in partnership with Logitech G.

    A red and blue animation of the enhanced seat on a photo of the Embody Gaming Chair on a black background. An animation highlighting the new cooling foam in the Embody Gaming Chair’s seat, overlaid on a photo of the chair on a black background. An animation highlights the PostureFit spinal support on the Embody Gaming Chair; the animation is overlaid on a photo of the chair on a black background. An animation highlighting the Embody Gaming Chair’s BackFit adjustment, overlaid on a photo of the chair on a black background. An animation highlighting the Embody Gaming Chair’s even pressure distribution, overlaid on a photo of the chair on a black background.


    Gaming Seat



    Spinal Support


    Even Pressure

    Because you sit in a more upright position when you’re gaming than you might when you’re at work, the Embody Gaming Chair is enhanced with an additional layer of foam in the seat to support your more active posture.

    The seat’s new copper-fused cooling foam technology 
prevents heat buildup while you game.

    Your strongest posture is standing—when your chest is open and your pelvis is tilted slightly forward. Because you sit when you game, our patented PostureFit device is here to mimic that strong, standing position by supporting your spine at its lowest point, the sacrum, while also providing lumbar support.

    The BackFit adjustment combats the unfortunate reality of sitting for long periods of time: the spine's tendency to curve in an unnatural, uncomfortable way. It adjusts to your spine's unique shape so you can maintain a neutral, balanced posture.

    When you’re gaming for long stretches of time, pressure buildup takes a toll on your body. Targeted pressure distribution throughout the Embody Gaming Chair’s seat and back conforms to your body’s micromovements automatically, distributes your weight evenly, and helps your blood flow.


    Adjusting Embody

    Fine-tune the chair into a highly personalized fit that gives you exceptional support—whether you're leaning forward in the zone or taking a break in a nice recline.

    From the Pros

    Check out what some of your favorite players from around the globe have to say about the Herman Miller Gaming Portfolio.



    Part of an Embody Gaming Chair, shown from the front, in a testing machine at the Herman Miller manufacturing site.
    Our products are made in the USA with
    durable, sustainable materials.
    An Embody Gaming Chair, shown from the side, in a testing machine at the Herman Miller manufacturing site.

    Unlike other gaming chairs on the market, you won't have to replace Embody every few years. We rigorously test each and every one of our products, which means they're built to last.



    Embody Gaming Chair illustration featuring height and width specifications on a black background.


    • Total Height: 42-45" 

    • Width: 29.5" 

    • Depth: 15-18" 

    • Seat Height: 16-20.5" 

    • Distance from Seat to Armrest: 6.5-11.5" 

    • Maximum Warrantied Weight: 300 lbs / 136 kg

    Product Details

    • Fully Adjustable Arms 

    • PostureFit Spinal Support 

    • Adjustable Seat Depth 

    • Tilt Limiter 

    • Hard Floor/Carpet Wheels 

    • No Assembly Required 

    • Cooling Foam 

    Care and Maintenance

    To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning and care procedures outlined here. For warranty information, please reference the Warranty and Service Details below.

    View Full Care and Maintenance Instructions

    Warranty and Service

    Warranty Covers: 12-Years, 24-Hour Usage 

    How to Schedule Service 

    If you need product service or repair, please contact customer service at 888 607 8804 or gaming@hermanmiller.com

    See our FAQ page for answers to common questions about warranty and service.

    Environmental Highlights

    The Embody Gaming Chair is made up of at least 44% recycled materials and is up to 96% recyclable at the end of its life. 

    View Chair Recycling Guide


    Embody Gaming Chair close-up on Sync Fabric in black with a black background

    Sync Fabric in Black

    100% polyester tested for abrasion durability, seam strength, ultra-violet light resistance, color retention (crocking resistance), and flame resistance

    Base and Frame
    Embody Gaming Chair close-up on Graphite Finish color of base with a black background

    Graphite Finish

    Texture powder coat made from die-cast aluminum

    Embody Gaming Chair close-up on left arm featuring the injection-molded foam in black. Also shows the cyan adjuster and cyan back of chair on a black background.

    Injection-Molded Foam in Black

    Self-skinning thermo-plastic urethane foam molded around a glass-filled nylon insert

    An Embody Gaming Chair close-up on the seat’s layered technology with a black background.

    Multi-Layered Technology

    Two spring layers, one mat layer, one foam layer topped with Sync fabric

    Embody Gaming Chair close-up of cyan matte back and spine with a black background.

    Back Matte in Cyan

    Translucent flexible polymer attached to acetal H-flexor back structure

    Embody Gaming Chair close-up of black wheel with black background.

    Hardfloor/Carpet Wheels

    2.5"-diameter double wheel made of black nylon with soft polyurethane tread


    How is this chair different from the original Embody chair?
    We’ve teamed up with Logitech G to make updates to the chair specifically for gamers. The seat has an additional layer of foam to better support your posture while you play, and we’ve developed new technology to keep you cool, too.
    Why doesn’t the chair have a headrest? Can I add one?
    The Embody Gaming Chair’s ergonomic design is advanced enough that you don’t need one. We do not offer a headrest, and we're confident that once you play in the chair, you won’t miss it in the slightest. For a deeper dive on the chair’s ergonomic features, head here.
    Why is there no lumbar pillow?
    A well-designed chair doesn’t need one! Embody has lumbar and sacral support built right in.
    Can I get this chair in any other colors?
    Not this model, enhanced specifically for gamers. But if you’re interested in additional colors, you can head over here to look at the color options for the original Embody Chair.
    Does the chair support LightSync?
    It doesn't, but we're excited to keep updating our gaming products. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about future gaming updates.
    What did Logitech contribute to this design?
    Logitech G brought their innovation in gaming technology and deep understanding of the needs of gamers to the table. They helped inform product updates and collaborated with Herman Miller’s engineers on the enhancements to our products.