Cosm Chair

Did you know that one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your business is your office? It’s where people come together to do their best work, and it’s also a showcase for your brand. If you transform your office into an efficient, inspiring workplace, your employees and your business will benefit.

One place to start any office transformation is with a furniture refresh. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting new office furniture and décor.

1. Choose a furniture style that reflects the character of your business.

Have you ever considered what sort of personality your business has? Is the culture more causal or formal? Is the exchange of ideas open and democratic, or closed to just a few? Answers to questions like these can help you determine the right type of furniture for your workplace.

As an example, if you work at a law firm, the culture may feel more formal due to the nature of your work and the need for privacy. People will need places where they can have confidential conversations. The environment may need to feel quieter and more subdued, so visiting clients feel like they are being taken seriously.

Contrast this with a tech start-up, and you have a completely different vibe. People may dress casually and seek an environment that’s like a cooler version of their homes. Brighter colors, funky artwork, and modern furniture draw people into the office and increase the energy of everyone working there.

2. Determine the type of accommodations people want.

In recent history, if you wanted to boost the cool factor in your office, you added a slide. Maybe threw in a ping pong table and gaming system for good measure. But if your people don’t want these fun yet potentially distracting features, what are you accomplishing?

The best business leaders start by asking employees what they want in a workplace. Some even analyze the types of work people do throughout the day. Are people in many in-person meetings, or are they camping out in private offices stuck on all-day Zoom calls? Is the work they are doing highly collaborative, or do they need more quiet and privacy to complete their work? Answers to questions like these can help you better understand people’s actual needs so you can give them supportive furniture that will enhance their work.

3. Prioritize ergonomic furniture in all spaces across the office.

When you think of an ergonomic office chair, your mind likely goes to adjustable task chairs for private offices and employee work areas. But through Herman Miller, you can access a variety of ergonomic furniture designs that will help people work more comfortably across the entire office. This includes seating for lounge areas, conference rooms, break rooms, and more.

Want to create the ultimate ergonomic setup? Consider pairing our Aeron Office Chair with a Renew Sit-to-Stand Desk and an Ollin Monitor Arm. This trio will help your body stay in constant motion, helping you stay focused and work more efficiently.

4. Maximize your office with efficient space planning.

One of the biggest challenges customers share with us is the lack of square footage in their office space. We have good news for you. Through Herman Miller Professional, you can create a space that looks bigger than it is. Forgo bulky traditional desks and storage cabinets and look for tables and chairs that are light in scale and easy to rearrange as needs change.

Perhaps our best advice is to declutter regularly. Keep items up off the floor and hidden with an OE1 Trolley, and choose a clean, neutral palette for the walls. And if you are lucky enough to have windows, make sure everyone has access to them. Natural light and views of the outdoors go a long way to make a space feel larger than it is. If supplemental light is needed, consider the sleek Flute Personal Light for each employee’s workspace.

5. Don’t forget that your business will grow!

When planning an office refresh, keep in mind that you aren’t just buying furniture for the current space—you should be thinking about the future, too. Changes—in staffing, the competitive climate, and more—happen more frequently than you might think. We encourage you to invest in furniture that’s easy to move and adapt as your business grows.

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