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Are ergonomic office chairs worth it?

Ergonomic stool chairs are worth the investment. An ergonomic office stool allows you to sit or perch in a healthy posture, supporting the natural S-curve of your spine. Designs without arms or backs even help strengthen core and leg muscles by encouraging you to support your own body as you sit.

How do you sit on an ergonomic stool?

How you sit on an ergonomic stool will vary based on the style of the stool. Saddle stools put your body into an ergonomic posture, while standing desk stools allow you to lean or perch on the edge of the seat to achieve that same healthy position. Regardless of style, you’ll want your feet flat on the floor or on a foot ring for the best support.

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Is a stool better than an office chair?

Whether an office stool or an office chair works better for you entirely depends on how you use your office furniture. If you need to spend long stretches at your desk, an office chair such as the iconic Aeron Chair might work best. However, if you find yourself switching between tasks or prefer sitting at a counter, an office stool may be the perfect choice.

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