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Setu Stool

Designers: Studio 7.5
The Setu Stool offers an elevated perspective on comfort and simplicity. An innovative Kinematic Spine bends and flexes as you move, whether you’re working at a counter surface or turning to speak with others. The seat and back are formed of a one-piece suspension fabric that responds to your weight, adapting to you the moment you sit down, no adjustment needed.

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Setu Stool

The Geometry of Comfort

As with its sibling the Setu office chair, the Setu Stool has only a height adjustment; you merely sit, and the stool reacts to you. Two design innovations make this responsiveness possible. The stool's Kinematic Spine combines strength and flexibility to bend and move automatically with you. The Lyris 2 elastomeric suspension fabric not only conforms to you, but also lets air circulate so your body remains cool.

Jeff Weber

"It's part of our job to only design products that don't use up too much material or too much energy."

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  • New Use for  Plastic

    New Use for Plastic

    The plastic in the Setu Stool's Kinematic Spine is the type of polypropylene you find almost everywhere, from toothbrushes to garbage bins. Our designers took this common material and applied advanced thinking to create a form that is strong, lightweight, and durable. Most important, it is also flexible, so you can recline easily, without the need for a traditional tilt mechanism.

  • Suspended and Cool

    Suspended and Cool

    Sitting on the Setu Stool imparts the feeling of floating. Its airflow keeps you cool. The material's double interlocking weave construction adds strength and durability for a firm sit and a distinctive sheen. Working in concert with the Kinematic Spine, Lyris 2 distributes your weight evenly and conforms to your contours.

  • Seeing Eye-to-Eye

    Seeing Eye-to-Eye

    Changing postures frequently is good for your body; the Setu Stool encourages this variety by providing you with a comfortable and elevated seat. It's also a great way to be eye-to-eye with anyone who stops by and stands next to you for a quick meeting.

  • Stability at Your Feet

    Stability at Your Feet

    The Setu Stool has a five-star base for stability and casters to keep you mobile. Its triangular footrest supports your feet and conveniently moves in synch when you adjust the seat height up or down.

"Best Sustainable Design Solution" from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

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