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Embody Chair

Designers: Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber
The first work chair designed specifically to create harmony between your body and your computer. More than just an ergonomic chair, Embody keeps you alert, keeps you aligned, keeps your blood and creative juices flowing.

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Berry Blue Embody Office Chair

The First Work Chair that Benefits Mind
and Body

A chair that lowers your heart rate and reduces stress? That can help keep your brain relaxed? Help you defy gravity? That can boost your creativity? Really?

Really. The Embody seat and back are a dynamic matrix of pixels that stimulates blood and oxygen flow by reducing seated pressure. All that oxygen helps you think better. The chair back adjusts instinctively to every move you make and keeps support of your lower back constant. Embody keeps you in a neutral, balanced posture as you work, so you stay relaxed and focused.

Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber

"Sitting is bad for you. Embody is good for you."

Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber View Design Story
  • Embody Chair Health Benefits Illustration

    A Chair That Can Reduce Stress

    Embody is so advanced that it actually lowers your heart rate and reduces stress. By stimulating blood and oxygen flow while you sit, Embody helps keep you focused and relaxed at the same time. You'll feel like you're floating, which means you'll feel more alert. Your brain will be more alert, too.

  • Green Apple Embody Chair

    A Chair That Can Boost Your Creativity

    Embody can help you innovate, create, and come up with new ideas. Movement promotes blood and oxygen flow, which keeps the brain more focused and functional. Embody is an agile chair that encourages movement, keeping your body and brain limber all day.

  • Healthy Posture with Embody Chair

    Healthful Posture

    Embody encourages the most healthful posture for computer users—a working recline, which reduces spine compression and even slows fluid loss from discs. The Backfit™ adjustment positions the backrest in line with your spine's natural curve, so you achieve and maintain a neutral, balanced posture. When you move in the chair, your head remains properly aligned to your computer display.

  • Embody Chair Encouraging Natural Movement

    Encouraging Natural Movement

    Embody's tilt technology maintains your back in a fixed position relative to the seat, encouraging your body to move naturally into the most positive seated postures while keeping your pelvis stable.

  • Black Embody Chair Back

    Three Zones of Support

    The tilt technology of the Embody chair also provides three zones of support—for your thighs, sacrum/sitting bones, and thorax. The pelvis remains stable with no rearward rotation. Without a rigid frame and with edges that flex, Embody prevents uncomfortable pressure on your legs and arms.

  • Blue Embody Chair Back

    Conforms to You—Automatically

    A dynamic matrix of pixels creates seat and back surfaces that automatically conform to your every movement and distribute your weight evenly. And one chair size fits every body. Because Embody automatically adapts to the wide variation in the sizes, shapes, postures, and spinal curves of different people. Seat depth adjusts to different thigh lengths, and the armrest motions fit the broadest ranges.

Best of NeoCon Silver Award, Ergonomic Desk/Task Seating

"Best of 2008," Wired magazine

"Best of Tech," Yahoo Tech

People's Choice at the National Ergonomics Conference and Exhibition

  • Green Apple Balance Fabric

    Keeps You Cool

    Embody's skin-like textile covering allows air to circulate and keeps you cool, no matter how long you sit.

  • Embody Chair 95 Percent Recyclable


    The Embody chair is made in a facility that uses only renewable energy. And it's 95 percent recyclable at the end of its useful life.

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