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Aeron Stool

Based on Classic Aeron
Designers: Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick
All the ergonomic and aesthetic features of the classic Aeron office chair—Pellicle woven suspension material, PostureFit technology, Kinemat Tilt—along with an adjustable footring create a high-performance work stool.

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Aeron Stool

The Stool Redefined

The classic Aeron changed the way everyone thought about office chairs—from its revolutionary look to its advanced ergonomics.

Then we redefined the stool. The design of the stool provides healthy comfort and balanced body support, and an innovative footring adjustment lets you adjust the footring independently of the stool's seat height adjustment. That means you will have customized comfort and ergonomic support throughout the stool's full height range.

Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick

"We wanted a totally new kind of chair."

Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick View Design Story
  • No Pain, Much Gain

    No Pain, Much Gain

    The pioneering PostureFit mechanism and Pellicle suspension help make the Aeron stool comfortable to sit in, even for hours on end. PostureFit supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so your spine stays aligned and you avoid back pain. The Pellicle suspension conforms to your body, reduces pressure points, and provides unparalleled support.

  • Be One With Your Seating

    Be One with Your Seating

    The Aeron stool moves effortlessly with your whole body, as if your body were telling the seat what to do, the patented Kinemat Tilt mechanism lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles pivot naturally.

  • Convenient Adjustments

    Convenient Adjustments

    You can adjust the seat height, of course. You can also adjust the footring separately, so that your feet are resting at just the right height when you're seated. You don't have to climb off the stool to change the footring height either. Doesn't that feel good?

  • Stay Cool

    Stay Cool

    The unique, breathable Pellicle suspension dissipates the body heat that builds up while you work, so it keeps you cool and comfortable.

  • Stay Alert

    Stay Alert

    The high, wide, contoured back takes the pressure off your lower spine. Armrests slope slightly down in the back for the most natural and comfortable support. The "waterfall" front edge of the seat takes the pressure off your thighs, so your blood keeps circulating and you stay alert and focused.

  • It's Got the Look

    It's Got the Look

    The classic Aeron Chair has been copied because it's a beautiful and distinctive chair. It was the first office chair to find a better way than foam and upholstery to keep people comfortable at work. The stool has the same stand-out look that fits right in, whether your home office is high-tech, elegant, casual, or a room that doubles as a gym. Three Pellicle weaves in neutral colors and a range of finish options let you create the stool you really want.

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