Mirra 2 Chair with OE1 Table

Performance Seating

Since launching Ergon—the world’s first research-based ergonomic chair—in 1976, we’ve been at the forefront of understanding and mitigating the adverse effects of long-term sitting. Our continued innovations in seating have helped us develop the three unique qualities that you can find in all of our performance seating.

Renew Sit-To-Stand Desk

Sit-to-Stand Desks

Why did Herman Miller design a sit-to-stand desk, instead of a simple standing desk? Turns out the cure to sitting all day isn’t standing all day—in fact, it can lead to leg swelling, lower back pain, and fatigue. The answer to lasting wellness is a combination of postures, from sitting to standing and back again. Experts recommend standing 5 to 20 minutes each hour.

Since 1968, when Robert Propst first introduced a stand-up desk, we’ve been offering standing surfaces. Now our collection solves timeless ergonomic issues with high-tech solutions—an electric lever that adjusts the desk height with the touch of a button, quiet but powerful lift to accommodate large monitors, and even cord management for a tidier surface.