For casual gamers, professional gamers, and streamers alike, the perfect gaming setup is critical to enhanced performance. Ergonomic designs that help improve your health and well-being—especially over long stretches of gaming—can help you unlock the full potential of your competitive play. Whether you have an immersive gaming room or a PC gaming setup in your bedroom or home office, there are a few pieces of gear that are essential in supporting your success: the right gaming chair, the right gaming desk, and the right gaming accessories.


Tap into your power posture with the right gaming chair. Investing in a chair with optimal support can help you play healthier, longer, and better. Herman Miller’s gaming chairs are science-backed with pro gamer-approved ergonomics. The renowned Embody Gaming Chair, Sayl Gaming Chair, and Aeron Gaming Chair—coveted for their inimitable support—have been re-engineered as computer gaming chairs, enhanced for gamers’ needs, and introduced in special colorways for a sleek gaming setup. The new Vantum Gaming Chair—the latest innovation in gaming design from Herman Miller and Logitech G—was created specifically for gamers. Vantum is backed by extensive research, design expertise, and a unique understanding of gaming performance. From lumbar support to pressure distribution that improves balance and blood flow, the benefits of Herman Miller gaming chairs can be felt from the first sit to the last second of a marathon gaming session.

The ideal gaming posture is a tight core, feet flat on the floor, shoulders back, and neck in line with the chest—but when the play intensifies, it’s difficult to maintain perfect posture. Thankfully, Herman Miller gaming chairs deliver support no matter your sitting position.

Designed for long stretches of play, the Embody Gaming Chair was created utilizing research from doctors and PhDs as well as feedback from real gamers. The ergonomic seat promotes better focus, endurance, and agility by conforming to your unique posture, allowing you to play comfortably for longer. The Vantum Gaming Chair delivers full body support, with an adjustable headrest for your head, neck, and shoulders—plus, a thoracic support pad that’s ready for you when it’s time to press pause. For gamers and streamers who frequently shift or change sitting positions throughout their day, the Aeron Gaming Chair provides total support and instant reaction to your body’s quick-twitch movements. With a unique forward tilt, the colorful Sayl Gaming Chair supports you as you lean into the game. Plus, its intelligent suspension back flexes with your micro-movements for agile play.

Breathable materials play a critical role in providing long-term comfort, too. When the game heats up, you won’t break a sweat:

  • Embody is designed with a layer of copper-infused cooling foam technology.
  • Vantum’s exclusive suspension material delivers breathable comfort over long gaming sessions.
  • Aeron features a PFAS-free fabric that’s flexible yet supportive.
  • Sayl is equipped with an elastomer back that offers cooling support.


The right gaming desk is also foundational to a well-equipped PC gaming space. Herman Miller’s Motia Gaming Sit-to-Stand Desk offers a spacious surface with ample room for multiple monitors, gaming accessories, and storage solutions. Motia’s tabletop is anti-glare, matte, and smudge-proof, while the quiet electric motor easily lifts up to 250 pounds of gear. Plus, Motia allows you to sit at your ideal height with plenty of legroom—or you can opt to raise the table and stand while in play.

It operates smoothly and efficiently at the touch of a button, so you can easily move from sitting to standing whenever you hit pause. A cable management tray helps keep your desktop clear of wire clutter while the roomy surface comfortably accommodates your gear. Plus, if your PC gaming space doubles as a home office, Motia can pivot from play to work and back again.


Upgrade your tech and enhance your gaming experience with gear that supports successful play, including best-in-class headsets, a responsive gaming mouse, and a keyboard with Lightsync RGB technology.