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Setu Lounge Chair

Designer: Studio 7.5
The Setu Lounge Chair is the perfect combination of flex and strength, thanks to its Kinematic Spine and hardworking Lyris 2 fabric, which provides excellent support, a distinctive sheen, and air flow.  From the moment you sit down, you and the chair move as one—with no complicated adjustments.  Its sleek, sophisticated style looks good anywhere.

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Setu Lounge Chair

Comfort and Sophistication

You don't need an overstuffed, lumpy chair to relax in. This handsome lounge chair provides uncommon comfort along with a sleek, sophisticated style that looks good anywhere.

The comfort comes from the simple complexity of the chair's Kinematic Spine, which combines strength and flexibility that allow for varying reclining positions while providing continuous support. And from the elastomeric fabric that provides superior suspension and conforms to your contours. Combine it with the matching ottoman for ultimate comfort.

Studio 7.5

"It's part of our job to only design products that don't use up too much material or too much energy."

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  • The Not-so-secret Secret: Polypropylene

    The Not-so-secret Secret: Polypropylene

    After testing dozens of materials, we found that the smartest solution was also the simplest—the same material used to make toothbrushes and garbage cans. It's the unique combination of two different polypropylenes—one for the spine, another for the spokes—that helps create the perfect combination of strength and flex in a lightweight and durable form.

  • Cool and Supple

    Cool and Supple

    Lyris 2 suspension material is an advance in support. Air flow keeps you cool. The material’s double interlocking weave construction adds strength and durability for a firm sit and a distinctive sheen. Working in concert with the spine, Lyris 2 distributes your weight evenly and conforms to your contours. It’s another example of elegance in the name of performance.

  • Task-ready

    Relax in Style

    The Setu lounge chair has a swivel mechanism and five-star base with adjustable glides. Available with or without arms and in a wide range of colors to suit your décor.

Best of NeoCon Gold

Interior Design magazine Best of Year product award

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