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Noguchi Table

Designer: Isamu Noguchi
The original table created by sculptor Isamu Noguchi in the 1940s. The classic combination of art and function. Now available with expanded color options.

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Noguchi Table

A Perfect Balance

One unique vision: one piece of freeform glass, two perfectly and delicately balanced pieces of wood. Imitated? Yes. Equaled? Never.

Is it art, or is it furniture? It's both. The sleek, aerodynamic lines of the Noguchi table enhance any décor. It's at home everywhere, in interiors from mid-century modern to traditional. Beautiful enough to satisfy your desire for elegance, sturdy enough to hold pizza boxes, DVDs, and the kids' game consoles in the rec room on family night. Noguchi's visionary table has no limits.

Isamu Noguchi

"Art should become as one with its surroundings."

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  • Delicate, But Durable

    Delicate, But Durable

    The table is just three pieces. A ¾-inch freeform glass top rests on two curved, solid wood legs that interlock to form a self-stabilizing tripod. Although it looks delicate, it is solid, perfectly balanced, durable. It's also a good size: 15 ¾ inches high, 50 inches wide, 36 inches deep.

  • Expanded Color Choices

    Expanded Color Choices

    The solid wood base of the table is available in Noguchi black, walnut, natural cherry, and white ash. The ash base is finished with a process that arrests the wood in its natural, "freshly cut" state. The resulting color is a creamy white that will not turn yellow or golden over time. The table with white ash base is a beautiful complement to the Eames lounge chair and ottoman with white ash veneer and pearl premium leather.

  • His Favorite Furniture Design

    His Favorite Furniture Design

    In a long lifetime of creative work, Isamu Noguchi designed gardens and plazas, fountains and murals, furniture and paper lamps, and stage sets for modern dance pioneer Martha Graham. But he said that of all the furniture designs he created, the table that bears his name represented his only true success.

  • How to Tell if It's the Real Deal

    How to Tell if It's the Real Deal

    To distinguish the real Noguchi table from the cheap knockoffs, we have etched Noguchi's signature on the longest edge of the glass top and on a medallion on the underside of the base.

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