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Setu Tables

Designer: Studio 7.5
Setu Tables are as diverse as the ways people move throughout the day—from standing to lounging, from leaning to sitting. Available in an array of heights, sizes, and finishes, these accent tables are designed to complement Setu Chairs and Stools or to stand elegantly on their own.

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Setu Tables

Complementary Design

Setu Tables achieve a cohesive and sophisticated look in any setting where you work, meet, or socialize. The plywood top with exposed plywood edge complements Setu Chairs and Stools as well as a diverse array of contemporary furniture designs.

Jeff Weber

"It's part of our job to only design products that don't use up too much material or too much energy."

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  • Perfect for Every Posture

    Perfect for Every Posture

    The series of round-topped tables includes four height options, three top sizes, and a range of finishes. This variety allows collaboration in a variety of postures—from sitting to lounging to standing.

  • Support for Life and Work

    Support for Life and Work

    Setu Tables support all the ways you live and work with the same elegant, spare design and base as Setu Chairs and Stools. The durable four-star base affords stability in any setting; the simple-to-maintain top blends well with almost any environment.

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