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Maharam Memory 3 Game

Designer: A4 Studio, Maharam
The delightful Maharam Memory 3 Game designed by Maharam’s A4 Studio is more than a child’s diversion. Anyone can enjoy matching the two sets of 36 cards featuring interpretations of textiles found in the Maharam collection. A box for neatly holding the cards comes in four randomized cover variations for an added surprise.

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  • An Elegantly Appointed Gamee

    An Elegantly Appointed Game

    Maharam Memory 3 Game is a stunning compilation of imagery that interprets some of Maharam's most intriguing designs. It affords serious play in the form of the classic matching game or by simply assembling cards into interesting mosaics. The game's design is the work of A4 Studio, Maharam's graphic design studio. Founded in 2000, A4 Studio brings clarity, simplicity, and order to each of its print, environmental, and digital projects.

  • Maharam Memory Game

    About Maharam

    Maharam's Memory 3 Game is a stunning compilation of the textile manufacturer's most intriguing imagery. You can enjoy a mosaic of all 36 patterns, or unveil them one-by-one as you spar with two to four opponents. The rules are those of the classic children's game. Players take turns flipping over two cards, attempting to match the patterns. The player with the most matches is the winner of this elegantly appointed game.

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