Resident, Flex, or Mobile: All Work Styles Benefit from Supportive Office Chairs

Talk of work styles conjures all sorts of images. Certainly, there's the resident worker, with an assigned office and a strong focus on heads-down work. That's still true for some, but so is the rise of the mobile worker always on the go. And some people are more of a hybrid of the two—flex workers who settle in and focus some of the time and other times move about. Each has his or her own set of needs, but all benefit from technology-rich work areas and the support of health-positive work chairs.

Resident Worker
Typically at his or her desk more than six hours a day, four to five days a week, a resident worker benefits from a high-performance ergonomic chair like Aeron, Embody, or Mirra.

A flex worker touches down to work in the office some of the time. Chairs like Mirra and SAYL offer these workers a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement for when they are in the office—working at a shared table or an available desk.

Often on-the-go and in one location less than two hours a day, one to three days a week, mobile workers share chairs with others. Simplicity and support are key; Mirra, SAYL, and Setu deliver.

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