Small Business Program

Your office needs to attract and keep the best talent, and be a vibrant place that helps people create and thrive. We're here to help make
that happen. We partner with you to provide the solutions you need, as well as the resources and ongoing support for a high-performing
office that helps carry your business into the future.

Talk to a Person

We believe people are the best communicators, not machines. So when you indicate interest in our Small Business Program, we start by calling you-at your convenience-to explain the program. We take the time to learn about you and your business, so we know how to best help you.

Get All the Benefits

Our Small Business Program gives you must-have features. These include small business pricing, easy online ordering and order tracking, and exclusive shipping benefits designed to help you grow your business.

Gain from Our Expertise

We combine the strength of Herman Miller-a leader in high-performance office furniture-with the personal connection of your local dealer partner, an independent business much like yours. You choose with confidence based on our expert advice, so you can get on with your work.