Pursuit of Workplace Happiness

Happy, healthy employees are often the hallmark of a thriving business. Companies who provide their employees with amenities and programs that help them achieve a healthy balance between the demands of life and work often find a direct correlation to organizational success.

"Senior executives report that providing work-life supports contributes to employee engagement, productivity, cost savings, attraction, and retention," writes Dr. Tracy Brower, Director of Herman Miller's Performance Environments team, in a recent article in The Leader. "In particular, senior executives believe that providing work-life supports sends a strong message to their employees that the company cares about them."

Flexible work schedules, on-site fitness centers, child and eldercare assistance, and house cleaning services are just a few of the perks companies are offering to help ease the strain of balancing personal and professional commitments. Another simple solution is providing employees with office chairs, desks, and work tools that promote physical well-being.

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