Getting to People-Centered Office Planning

Start with your people. Pay close attention to the way they work, the technologies they use, and how they interact with others. Some work exclusively at desks, while others split time between office, travel, and home, only checking in for the occasional meeting. The types of desks and chairs you choose should support them however they work.

Add up the need for surface space—the amount of desktop space each person needs for heads-down work, as well as nearby surface space for spreading out papers and work tools and collaborating with coworkers.

Take stock of these two and then consider the solutions. For surface, you could go with our Everywhere Rectangular Table, which will make people happy and surface area plentiful. It offers plenty of surface space and comes in a variety of widths and lengths. With the option for casters or glides, you can keep the table in a one spot, or roll it to wherever you need to meet.

Pair Everywhere Rectangular Tables with our body-and-mind-friendly office chairs. Embody and Aeron provide support for those who spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer, while chairs like SAYL and Mirra offer a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement for those who touch down in the office for just a few hours.

People-Centered Office Planning