Furnishing the Outdoor "Room"

It's natural for us to live and think and move beyond the indoors—a move made ever more possible with technology. Keeping in mind the desire toward more time spent in exterior spaces, we offer solutions for outdoors: furnishings crafted for work and play using the same design philosophy as our interior pieces and prepped to withstand the elements. A range of lounge seating, dining, side chairs, and stools, complemented by meeting, dining, and occasional tables adapts to meet the needs of this evolving "room"—a place of possibility, an arena for living fully.

Consider the Eames Aluminum Group Outdoor, originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the home of industrialist J. Irwin Miller in Columbus, Indiana. Available in modern materials that will stand up to the seasons, The Eames Aluminum Group Outdoor is once again ready to take us back to where we aspire to work, play, and live: outdoors.

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