3 Days in 30 Seconds

For three days, a core group of Herman Miller creative teamed up with videographers from the New York City-based studio Dress Code, setting Herman Miller's West Michigan Campus abuzz with activity. Their task: to create a short, whimsical film about all the ways Herman Miller products fit everywhere in your day.

By the end of the three-day shoot, the team had pulled together nearly 800 frames (about 12 frames per second) of footage featuring props and products that'd been painstakingly moved across a series of bold and bright makeshift sets. In every shot, at least five to ten objects were moved, creating clouds that float, chairs that dance, and data charts that percolate with activity. Though billed as a basic, stop-motion animation, Dress Code added an additional layer of sophistication with CG compositing—building a contemporary take on a beloved cinematic trick. The result is a lot of hours and a lot of heart, boiled down into an epically artful half minute.

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