For Every Need, In Every Way, For Everyone

The Eames Shell Chair is exemplary of the Eameses' desire to make "the best for the most for the least." With each new form, finish, and configuration, they continued to push the boundaries of what the shell chair could be. After experimenting with single-form plywood and stamped metal, they turned to fiberglass and experimented with bent wire in the 1950s. When fiberglass production proved unhealthy for the environment, the decision was made to switch production to 100 percent recyclable polypropylene. Now, with advancements in fiberglass production and composition and dynamic 3D veneer technology, the evolution continues with the Molded Fiberglass and Molded Wood Chairs.

Boasting the same covetable striations and upholstery options that have attracted vintage collectors for decades, the newly reformulated fiberglass uses monomer- and VOC-free resin, a molding process that all but eliminates hazardous airborne compounds.